KaChing! Melrose Arch Makes Parking Easier

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June 13, 2015
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KaChing! Melrose Arch Makes Parking Easier

KaChing was founded in February 2013, with the aim to establish a convenient, cashless, mobile driven parking experience in order to reduce the cash requirement in the parking industry, to the benefit of both business and consumer.

The system offers you the opportunity to simply drive in, shop and drive out on your next shopping experience. No cash is required and no extra time is spent waiting in line to pay. KaChing is already live at Melrose Arch

How it works:

  1. Download and register with the KaChing app. KaChing is available on the Apple iStore as well as windows and Google Play store. Follow the easy in app instructions to create a KaChing account.
  2. Upon successful registration drive towards the parking lot entrance, KaChing then utilises state of the art license plate recognition software to recognise your registered vehicle and open the boom on your behalf. The same will happen when exiting the parking area.
  3. You will be billed for your parking according to current parking tariffs. KaChing users can choose to pay these tariffs by credit card or prepaid.

Kaching users do not need to take a parking ticket, nor do they need to stand in a queue to pay a parking ticket. Drive in, Shop, and drive out. No tickets, no queues, no cash. PARKING MADE EASY.

How much do I pay?

The KaChing experience is available to you at only R18-95 per month and you will still pay the same parking fee as before, no increases there! If you register now you will get the first month of the KaChing experience totally free of charge. (This excludes your normal parking fees)

In the unlikely event that the KaChing experience does not satisfy your needs an easy account deactivation is available in app.

You’ll pay exactly the same fee as before, but now you can do it the easy way!

Watch how it works

Video:  Travis Bussiahn

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