Melrose Arch: Bonafide Beards, We Don’t Make Beards Cool, We Keep ‘Em That Way

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Melrose Arch: Bonafide Beards, We Don’t Make Beards Cool, We Keep ‘Em That Way

Everywhere you turn these days, you see a member of the beard gang. Many have blamed the “hipster culture” for the rise of the manes; whatever the reasons, the beards are here and they here to stay – seemingly. Fast becoming a way of life rather than a trend, manes are now an everyday lifestyle that men are adopting. The question is suddenly; to beard, or not to beard?

Studio Nine, 15 The High Street, Melrose Arch

Studio Nine, 15 The High Street, Melrose Arch

It was this, along with her love for her husband and his well being that led Monique to create Bonafide Beards. I recently met up with her and her inspiration behind the brand’s creation, her husband – Joe – at Melrose Arch’s Studio Nine, and we discussed her products and the rise of the beard gang.

Melrose Arch: Bonafide Beards, We Don't Make Beards Cool, We Keep 'Em That Way

–          Tell us your story; how did you get to create Bonafide?

According to Monique, necessity was the mother of this invention. Joe had just started growing his beard and she soon fell head over heels in love with the growth – even though she never used to like hair on the body or face. Since then, she has never looked back.

“The main reason behind Bonafide was to nurture, protect and keep looking good, Joe’s beard. As a woman, the beard is the first thing you come into contact with when you are being intimate with your man – first thing you smell; first thing you touch,” and based on her history and background in the salon industry, she had some understanding of facial hair. After battling to get her heads on something for Joe’s beard, locally; she decided to create her own; in her kitchen, using all natural products. And what was left over, she started the company.

–          What kind of products does the Bonafide range consist of?

Handcrafted Cleansing Bar: Bonafide Beards Cleansing Bar is made with pure coconut oil, clay, activated charcoal plus spearmint oil and was especially developed to, cleanse your beard and skin without stripping them of their natural oils and also, moisturise your hair and skin

Handcrafted Cleansing Bar

Handcrafted Beard Oil: This oil was developedto deal with your dry scraggly beard. Made with organic hemp oil, enhanced with pure argan oil and laced with the subtle scents of orange and sandalwood, it has been especially designed to: deeply penetrate hair follicles to moisturise and condition both your skin and beard. Restore your beard’s natural oils. Prevent hair breakage while promoting growth. The oil is suitable for use as a pre and post shaving oil

Handcrafted Beard Oil

Handcarfted Beard Balm: Made with organic coconut oil, pure beeswax, tea tree oil and a range of essential pure oils, Bonafide Beard Balm was developed to: Tame and shape your beard; Nourish and condition your beard; Treat and protect the skin underneath your beard

Handcarfted Beard Balm

Boar Bristle Beard Brush: Brushing with this beautiful Bonafide Beard brush is beneficial for both hair and skin for a number of reasons. It effortlessly brushes through the knots, while working the balm through your beard. The brush also shapes and tames fly away hair, and also stimulates and exfoliates the skin. There is a synthetic (non-boar) version of the beard brush available upon request

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Handcrafted Moustache Wax: Made with the finest natural ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and lightly fragranced with sandalwood, Bonafide Beard’s Moustache wax was developed to curl, shape and train your moustache; nourish and condition it, as well as, treat and protect the skin underneath your moustache

Handcrafted Moustache Wax

–          For new members of the bearded gang, how would you advise they take care of their manes?

Get the Bonafide Beards Starter Pack. You will get the foundation products to ensure your beard growth flourishes, consisting of the Handcrafted Cleansing Bar; Handcrafted Beard Oil; Handcarfted Beard Balm & the Boar Bristle Beard Brush. Cleanse with the hemp and citrus oil beard bar. Moisturise with the lavender, rose geranium and citrus oil beard oil. Treat with the sandalwood and tea tree oil beard balm. Tame with the magnificent beard brush

–          Growing a beard requires a commitment, what word of advice would you give to those men who are thinking of growing their mane?

Use the Bonafide “starter pack” from the beginning of your beard journey because the products aid in alleviating the itchy, scratchy, dry, flaky phase. The products also encourage hair growth. Perseverance is key.

According to Joe; “find a good barber who will help you keep your beard in shape and looking neat.”

Monique adds; “stay away from clippers for at least 4weeks, to get your beard established.”

–          What are your plans for Bonafide?

We are launching Bonafide Faces soon. This is a range of products, also born out of necessity, for the bearded men – they also shave – and the market of men who don’t necessarily have beards but still want the best for their faces. The range will consist of a shaving serum, a 100% pure badger haired shaving brush, shaving oil and an after-shave balm. Bonafide Faces is premised on the Monique’s philosophy of; “all great faces deserve to be treated, so treat them by using awesome, natural products.”

Bonafide products are available at Studio Nine, at Melrose Arch’s High Street. Call them on (011) 684 1002.

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