Gadget Shopping At Melrose Arch

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Gadget Shopping At Melrose Arch


When it comes to gadget shopping, computer and console accessories is at the top of the list. Meet Playground, your one-stop shop for all things gaming and gadget related. From designer mouse pads to console controllers and everything in between, there is something for everyone. Above and beyond the usual items, Playground also stocks cables, cellphone covers, and memory cards sure to fit your different devices. The store also boasts an array of anime and manga related trinkets to boot.

Details: Shop Number 035EF | Middle Retail Galleria | 081 752 6283

Gadget Shopping

V-Gadgets and V-Cell Clinix

Two stores in one! That’s the setup at V-Gadgets and V-Cell Clinix. Whether you are looking for a cellphone cover or a replacement for that cracked screen, they’ve got what you’re looking for. V-Gadgets stocks everything  from mid-level drones to camera tripods, and V-Cell Clinix has a wide selection of cell phone accessories including cases, chargers, cables, memory cards, adapters and more.

Details: Shop Number 014G | Middle Retail Galleria | 062 636 4674

Gadget Shopping

Bang & Olufsen

Our local audio emporium specialises in providing a welcoming, helpful and relaxed experience. Pop in for a pro opinion and kit out your home entertainment system like never before. Experience their wireless speaker BeoLab 18, the ingenuity of BeoSound Essence, or the incredible movement of a BeoVision Avant first hand.

Details: | Shop Number 009H2 | 011 684 1496

Gadget Shopping

Planes Trains Automobiles

Whether you’re a petrol head, a drone fanatic or just plain crazy about model airplanes, Planes Trains Automobiles is the place for you. The shop specialises in high powered RC vehicles, flying things and motorsport goofs and gadgets. Visitors will also find a wide selection of speedster sport related clothing, such as Formula 1 shirts, shoes, and accessories as well as Valintino Rossi’s very own brand, VR46. The store also stocks miniature replicas of popular cars for toddlers to drive around in.

Details: | | 011 684 1100

Gadget Shopping

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