Handbag Summer Secrets

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Handbag Summer Secrets

It is no secret that every women loves her handbag. But what do we keep in them? While every woman has her own personal favourites, we thought we would investigate what the most common and ‘Can’t Live Without’ items are for a Summer handbag.


Secrets of a Handbag

Secrets of a Handbag: Image express.co.uk

Hot Item #1: Hair Accessories

While this may sound odd, the most common item we found was hair items. Whether it be a bobby pin, a clasp clip, a hairband or a pretty bow. We give these items a thumbs up for Summer. During summer it is always a good idea to keep hair accessories handy, you never know when the heat will turn your hair into hot mess.

Hot Item #2: Hand Sanitizer

During summer you are more pron to experience clammy and sweaty palms. Great solution.. Hand Sanitizer. Most South African’s tend to go away during the December holidays,  Hand Sanitizer is a MUST have refresher on long journeys.

Hot Item #3: Headache Tablets

A headache can put a dampener on even the most beautiful summer day! With the extreme heat during summer be sure to drink plenty of water and always keep headache tablets handy. I usually opt for Panado as it doesn’t make you tired.

Hot Item #4: Lip Balm

Every lady has their favourite. I never leave the house without my trusted lip balm or lip-ice. During the summer months it is important to ensure that you use a balm with a built in SPF. While most people don’t think to use block out on their lips, it is just as important as the rest of your body.

Hot Item #5: Tampons

Even if it is not your time, it is always nice to be able to help out another in need.

Hot Item #6: Stylish Sunnies

This summer a great pair of shades can make your outfit. Don’t be shy to try funky shapes and styles.

Hot Item #7: Chewing Gum or Mints

You never know who you are going to bump into on your summer holiday 😉 Always keep a pack of fresh chewing gum or mints in your bag.

Hot Item #8: Nail File

There is nothing worse than a chipped nail that keeps catching on your clothes. Always keep an emery board tucked away in your bag. You can get super cute travel size ones from most major pharmacies.



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