Looking After Your Family’s Health

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Looking After Your Family’s Health

Two of the most precious commodities that can’t be bought are time and good health, and they often go hand in hand. To make life easier, an after-hours medical practice opened at Melrose Arch last year, giving people access to quality healthcare after 5pm.

The Health Practice at Melrose Arch is an after-hours healthcare centre, founded by Saul Behrmann, Hadley Shapiro and Dr Tracey Brandt. It was opened in response to the lack of after-hours primary healthcare outside the hospital environment.

“The Health Practice was opened to fill the need for after-hours medical healthcare,” explains Saul Behrmann, Practice Manager of The Health Practice. “When people get sick at night or have a minor accident at home, they have to go to their nearest hospital’s casualty department for treatment of a non-emergency ailment, where they can wait for hours before seeing a doctor. At The Health Practice, people can see a GP almost immediately, receive the necessary treatment and even get the medication they need at the same time.”

The Health Practice offers general check-ups, pre-employment medicals, executive medicals, primary healthcare, flu and tetanus vaccinations, immune booster injections and intravenous drips, basic suturing, ECGs, rapid blood glucose testing, rapid cholesterol testing and referrals to specialists. They also run a women’s wellness clinic that offers procedures such as pap smears.

The on-site GP and dispensary are accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and The Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF). The Health Practice charges medical aid rates, with an after-hours levy.

The Health Practice at Melrose Arch is open from Sunday to Thursday from 5pm to 10pm. It is located at 10 Melrose Boulevard, Melrose Arch. For more information, visit www.healthpractice.co.za, email info@healthpractice.co.za or contact The Health Practice on (010) 140-4717.


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