Meet Niki Of Nicci Boutiques

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Meet Niki Of Nicci Boutiques

Since 1992, Nicci Boutiques has become synonymous with up-to-the-minute contemporary fashion. From clothes, bags, shoes to accessories are all hand selected from the fashion capitals of the world by owner and buyer Niki Breger. Nicci Boutiques capture the hearts of trendy, fashion-forward women.

Niki has been in the fashion game for a long time. She first started with work wear for women. This soon lead to the birth of Nicci Boutiques. Now with 11 boutique stores, the Nicci brand has become synonymous with style, elegance and pizzazz. All the Nicci looks and ranges are handpicked by Niki herself after relentless market and fashion research has been done. The Melrose Arch branch is a sheer reflection of how much hard work, passion, and knowledge has gone into building such a remarkable brand.

Women of any age and size appreciate the elite imported merchandise from France and Italy, as well as locally produced labels. Customers can expect edgy, on trend merchandise that ooze street style, which arrives at the boutique on a weekly basis.

Nicci now has customer gift cards. Introduce a friend to their fabulous fashion lines with the ultimate gift card from Nicci Boutique! Fake furs, animal prints and a modern take on the seventies style with pops of bright colours, the world is your oyster with Nicci Boutiques by your side.

Details: 011 684 2957 | Shop Number HL13 |


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