Melrose Arch – the coffee capital of Johannesburg

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Melrose Arch – the coffee capital of Johannesburg

Home to the first Naked coffee shop in the country, the world-famous coffee in a cone and Starbucks’s flagship store, there’s no doubt that Melrose Arch is the coffee capital of Johannesburg.

Starbucks, on the corner of High Street and Crescent Drive, offers a core bar, which serves its key beverages including 100% Arabica coffee, a range of Teavana teas, cold drinks, fresh foods and delectable treats. Starbucks ethically sourced coffee from all over the world and is proud to serve exceptional coffee from nine countries in Africa – Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Zambia, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Starbucks Melrose Arch offers customers an intimate coffee theatre experience through its Reserve Bar, which offers single origin, small batch coffees sourced from around the world and roasted in a Seattle roaster, and then made available exclusively at the Reserve Bar.

With seating for 160 people and free high-speed wifi, it’s easy to why Starbucks is one of Melrose Arch’s favourite meeting spots.

Dayne Levinrad, owner of the Grind Coffee Company, attracted worldwide attention when he came up with coffee in a cone. The java quickly became the most Instagrammed coffee ever, with the UK’s Daily Mail calling it a “game-changing invention”. In 2016, #coffeeinacone had been shared more than one million times on Instagram in just five months.

Levinrad, who had previously worked as a coffee consultant in Brazil, Australia and Los Angeles, wanted to make a niche coffee creation at home in South Africa so after much trial and error, he came up with coffee in a cone in which a hot beverage is served in a chocolate-lined ice cream cone. The solution to ensuring the cones didn’t leak was to make their own cones and use four layers of chocolate to reinforce them, also adding different percentages of cocoa to each layer of coating inside. The coffee combines ice cream, coffee and chocolate – all Instagram favourites – while topping off with foaming milk in a heart shape. The only downside of coffee in a cone is that it’s not for people who like to linger over their coffee and sip it slowly because once it’s been poured, you only have about three minutes to drink it.

After opening its doors in Cape Town in 1996, Seattle Coffee Company quickly became a firm favourite with South African coffee lovers. At Melrose Arch, there’s no doubting the popularity of Seattle Coffee Company, which you’ll find on Melrose Boulevard. Its cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, steamers and hot chocolate have people lining up for their fix every morning, while its muffins, sandwiches and pastries are just as sought after.

The first Naked Coffee opened in Melrose Arch and after a brief absence, it has returned to the precinct – you’ll find it inside the Daytona showroom on Whiteley Rd. While its coffee soon attracted a cult following, it now attracts those looking for healthy eats at its gourmet deli too. The menu comprises an ever-changing assortment of delicious offerings, with plenty of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Naked has become famous for its signature brown butter banana bread with almond butter on the side, and its date, banana and walnut bread with almond butter is a hit with those who have a gluten intolerance.

There’s also a host of amazing restaurants at Melrose Arch that attract a loyal following of those looking to satisfy their caffeine addiction. Jamie’s Italian’s coffee, which is sourced from South America, is delicious, while Tashas and Woolworths Café are worth a visit too. And while you’re doing a coffee tour of Melrose Arch, make sure to include Paul because you haven’t lived until you’ve tried its Café Medici orange coffee (espresso shot with frothed milk, orange zest and chocolate sauce) and Café Marocchino (espresso shot with Paul hot chocolate, frothed milk and cocoa powder).


Grind Coffee Company: 072 754 8705

Jamie’s Italian: (010) 007-4646

Naked: (011) 301-7000

Paul: (010) 020-3002

Seattle Coffee Company: (010) 593-4683

Starbucks: (011) 684-1231

Tashas: (011) 684-1781

Woolworths Café: (011) 994-9800

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