Rugby World Cup Meets The Lounge At Melrose Arch

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Rugby World Cup Meets The Lounge At Melrose Arch

It’s a well-known fact that South Africans are huge rugby fans and now that the Rugby World Cup is upon us, there’s no doubt we’re going to eat, breathe and sleep rugby for the next two months. And what better place to support the Springboks than at Melrose Arch, Joburg’s favourite lifestyle destination?

Join us at The Lounge on the Piazza to watch the Springbok games on the big screen. Sit back and relax with a drink or two at our sophisticated pop-up bar-cum-lounge as you cheer our boys to victory. Entrance is free but numbers are limited; drinks are for your own account and no alcohol will be served to under 18s.

The Lounge is open from 10am to 2pm for the South African games, as well as the semi-finals and final.

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