Trends guys secretly love on you

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January 20, 2014
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Trends guys secretly love on you

Women tend to think that if they are not flaunting their best assets, men won’t like what they are wearing. Well to all the ladies that think like this, you are wrong. recently surveyed the general male public about what trends they like on women, and the answers were surprising to say the least. So in future don’t underestimate a male’s ability to appreciate the finer points of fashion.

Here are the Top 10 trends guys secretly love on you:



1. Jumpsuits

Men's Button Downs

2. Men’s Button Downs

Band Tees

3. Band Tees

athletic wear

4. Athletic Wear


5. Sweatpants

Statement Sweatshirts

6. Statement Sweatshirts

high waisted jeans

7. High-waisted Jeans

Oversized jerseys

8. Oversized jerseys


9. Pantsuits

Wide Brimmed Fedoras

10. Wide Brimmed Fedoras


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