Vespa Elettrica Is Here

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Vespa Elettrica Is Here

Sticking to the much-needed zero emissions trend, Vespa has joined the electric vehicle club with their Vespa Elettrica. This zippy little scooter boasts a 4Kw electric motor with a range of 100Km on a single charge. Vespa Melrose Arch launched the all-new all-electric Elettrica on 6 April 2019 to much applause. Here’s what this little eco-monster is all about.

Vespa Elettrica

Modeled after the popular Vespa Primavera, the Elettrica is a beautiful piece of technology which brags a charging time from zero to full in four hours. The Vespa Elettrica can be charged from a dedicated charging station (such as those found at the Melrose Arch precinct) as well as regular wall sockets, ensuring that you will never run out of charge.

Vespa Elettrica

Riding the Elettrica is even easier and more instinctive that riding any other Vespa. All the rider needs to do is select the power mode (Full or Eco) and the intensity of the energy recovery and consequent braking effect, when decelerating (Stage 1 or 2). At the touch of the power mode switch even reverse can be selected (it is simple with electric motors), for even easier handling in parking.

Vespa’s Elettrica talks to the rider through the TFT display at the center of the handlebar, and a very powerful electronics suite provides ample connectivity through your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Visit Vespa Melrose Arch for more information and book your test ride today.


Address: The 15 High St, Birnam, Johannesburg, 2196


Contact Number: 011 684 1010


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